The Challenges of Metro Prepping (Urban/Suburban)

Just as there are many benefits of living in an urban and suburban area, there are also many challenges. Today we’ll explore the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of living (and preparing for emergency situations) in a metropolitan area.


At the time of the Industrial Revolution only 3% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. Nowadays that figure is roughly 54%. Yup. More than half of the world’s population lives in or around an urban area. And that number is expected to rise 1-2% a year until 2030!

The Good:

There are many reasons people choose to (or have to) live in a metropolitan area, such as: increased educational opportunities, better employment prospects, access to healthcare, higher living standards and ready access to shopping and services.

The Bad:

Alongside these benefits, metropolitan areas have some significant disadvantages – high crime, high cost of living, etc. But for preppers, who think a little differently than most, metro areas are especially risky.

  • Despite the high cost of living, you don’t get a whole lot of space for life, let alone preps. Suburban areas have it significantly better in this regard. But for many urban preppers, space comes at a high premium. That is, unless you like sleeping on your 1/2 ton of food or showering next to a 55 gallon water barrel.
  • Metro areas are extremely dependent on uninterrupted transit of goods. That grocery store only looks full all the time because you’re not there to see the 15 trucks pull in each day.
  • They’re extremely dependent on utilities for power. Think about living on the 28th floor of a high rise without a working elevator. Ouch.
  • They’re extremely dependent on utilities for water, gas and sanitation. Hammering through a sidewalk to drop a well isn’t really an option in the concrete jungle.
  • They produce a lot, but not a lot that you can eat.

The Ugly:

And, most importantly, they’re absolutely filled to the brim with people. Tons and tons of people, many of whom are completely unprepared. People who are dependent for anything and everything, from the grocery store being open 24/7 to the authorities keeping the peace.


Time and time again we’ve seen how people devolve in a heartbeat the moment an emergency erupts. This happens most everywhere, but it happens exponentially quicker in metro areas. Out goes society and order. Enter. The. Mob. A contagious mentality similar to an airborne disease spurred on by group think, fear and greed. The mob can quickly sweep up anyone, causing completely ordinary people to turn their backs on rationality, their neighbors, their values and their community.

This high population density makes cities targets for terrorism and breeding grounds for disease.

So what’s a metro prepper to do? Well…that’s what this whole site is about! We’re here to thoughtfully consider our options. What to do to prepare. To become informed. To gain knowledge. To prepare to stay. To prepare to leave. And to know when to do which.